Our Story

Founded in 1957, the Canberra Police Community Youth
Club Inc. (Canberra PCYC)
was established by ACT Police Sergeant Harry Luton, and a committee of dedicated police officers and citizens who wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in the ACT.

Following incorporation, the Canberra PCYC provided a platform for ACT Police and the Australian Federal Police to engage with young people and the community. While community engagement originally focused on sports activities and social events, our services have now evolved into an holistic approach to social edification.

Today, the Canberra PCYC provides leading and innovative services for young people and their families across the ACT.

The Canberra PCYC have an enthusiastic case management team who are dedicated to client driven outcomes. Our case management framework encompasses a flexible, creative, strengths-based approach to supporting individuals and families in need.

The Canberra PCYC run recreational-based early intervention, crime prevention and reduction, and youth crime diversion programs for vulnerable young people. These are targeted programs for young people who are exhibiting anti-social behaviour, disengagement from school, or are engaging in low-grade petty crime.

Personal development outcomes for participants include improved resilience, leadership skills, teamwork skills, a sense of belonging, fostering better social skills, a sense of identity, skills to manage emotions, practical skills, understanding of healthy choice making, goal setting skills, and building positive self image.

Our sport and recreation programs and activities form a part of our community engagement strategy.  These programs and activities are a low cost, high quality service run out of our Erindale Centre. Our wide range of sporting and recreational options cater to the diverse local community and provide our members with an inclusive environment, sense of belonging and an increase in health and mental well-being.

Canberra PCYC continues to work closely with police and takes pride in the police history of the organisation.

 Canberra PCYC Outreach program (bushwalking)