Canberra PCYC Outreach program (bushwalking)

Canberra Police Community Youth Club is a not-for-profit organisation that has provided a platform for the Australian Federal Police to engage with young people and the community since 1957.  While community engagement originally focused on sports activities and social events, our services have now evolved into an holistic approach to social edification. Today, the Canberra PCYC provides leading and innovative services for young people and their families across the ACT.

The Canberra PCYC have an enthusiastic case management team who are dedicated to client driven outcomes. Our case management framework encompasses a flexible, creative, strengths-based approach to supporting individuals and families in need.

The Canberra PCYC run recreational-based early intervention, crime prevention and reduction, and youth crime diversion programs for vulnerable young people. These are targeted programs for young people who are exhibiting anti-social behaviour, disengagement from school, or are engaging in low-grade petty crime.

Personal development outcomes for participants include improved resilience, leadership skills, teamwork skills, a sense of belonging, fostering better social skills, a sense of identity, skills to manage emotions, practical skills, understanding of healthy choice making, goal setting skills, and building positive self image.

Our sport and recreation programs and activities form a part of our community engagement strategy.  These programs and activities are a low cost, high quality service run out of our Erindale Centre. Our wide range of sporting and recreational options cater to the diverse local community and provide our members with an inclusive environment, sense of belonging and an increase in health and mental well-being.

Canberra PCYC / AFP engagement

OUR VALUES: Engage, Belong, Respect.

 Our values encompass what we believe to be critical in bringing about lasting change for individuals and for community edification. We engage people in a range of services in an inclusive manner, led by our vibrant and passionate staff. We teach self-respect and respect for others, which are the cornerstones for achieving fulfillment.

We create a place of belonging and safety for people, not just at PCYC, but as we link people into broader community support networks, which provides a platform for people to build meaningful and supportive relationships.

Canberra PCYC outreach program

OUR MISSION: Building Positive Futures.

Canberra PCYC is committed to seeing lives changed. Whatever journey people may have been on, it is our mission to empower people to create pathways to a better future for themselves.


Canberra PCYC is governed by our skilled Committee that operate in accordance with our Constitution. Committee members are responsible for setting the strategic direction for CPCYC, ensuring effective and appropriate governance and overseeing ethical and legal compliance. Our Committee contributes to developing the positive, inclusive culture of CPCYC and champion our work in the wider community.

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President – [vacant]

AFP Representative – ACT Deputy Chief Police Officer Commander Mark Walters

Acting-President – Peter Askew

Peter has a passion for growing and developing businesses both Nationally and Internationally. Peter has been actively supporting the development and growth of technology and services businesses for over 25 years.

Peter’s experience in his own businesses has created an ability to fully understand the challenges and general obstacles faced by companies growing and expanding into new markets. This has proven to be a necessary criterion to building strong empathetic and trusting relationships with his clients.

Peter is an active member of the Canberra business community, regularly being requested to be involved with both industry and government bodies to provide a commercial and small business aspect to the issues being addressed.

Peter has developed a strong reputation throughout the Asia-Pacific, and in particular the Australian corporate and government market, in consistently achieving significant business growth results for his customers. This recognition can be demonstrated with the consistent and outstanding achievements created in his business development activities both Nationally and Internationally.

Treasurer – Steve Merenda

Committee Member – Lukasz Jagiello

Lukasz Jagiello has participated in wrestling at the Canberra PCYC Erindale Centre for 5 years and has been a volunteer coach for junior wrestling on and off for 2 years. Lukasz has been a volunteer and committee member of ACT Wresting for 2 years.

Currently, Lukasz is the business manager of Heart Support Australia and is undertaking postgraduate qualifications in Psychology.

Committee Member – Helen Badger