Face Your Anger

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Participants are placed in groups appropriate to their age and maturity level. Canberra PCYC facilitates the 'Face Your Anger' program for participants from across the ACT, at convenient Northside and Southside locations.

Funding for the 'Face Your Anger' program is provided by ACT Policing.

Outcomes include:

  • A reduction in family violence and violent behaviours

  • Strategies for dealing with challenging situations

  • Improved communication techniques

  • Improvement in family relationships

This program runs throughout the year and referrals are accepted at all times.

Session Outline

Week 1 - Identifying anger
Week 2 - Understanding and managing anger
Week 3 - Aggression and Domestic Violence cycles
Week 4 - Respond vs. React
Week 5 - Values, roles and stereotypes

Week 6 - Recap and recreational activity

For more information, please contact our General Manager:

Stephen Imrie

P : (02) 6222 8100

E : referral (a) pcyc.net.au