Our evidence-based, collaborative models build on the skills and experiences gained from our close ongoing relationship with ACT Policing, and provide the community services sector with a wide range of supports to engage some of the most isolated and disengaged young people in the community.

Outcomes include an increase in participants attending regular schooling, reductions in anti social behaviour, an increase in community engagement, a reduction in suspension rate of participants, and a reduction of participants entering or re-entering the youth justice system.

Adventure Program

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Our Adventures Program is an early intervention program funded by ACT Policing. The program is designed to divert young people between 12-18 years of age who have had preliminary contact with the justice system, from further involvement in criminal activities.

The Adventure Program utilises high adrenaline, positive, safe risk taking activities as a platform for engaging disengaged and vulnerable young people in a positive mentoring environment. Young people involved have generally had some contact with the justice system, and may have a history of behavioural concerns at home and at school. Participants are involved for one day per week during school term, with weekly sessions on topics such as domestic violence, complemented by activities such as downhill mountain-biking, motorbiking, welding, bushwalking and ball sports.

The building of positive long-term relationships is a key factor in the success of the program.

Outcomes include:

  • Reduction in offending behaviours
  • Supported back into education
  • Linked into sporting and recreational communities

Intensive Diversion Program (IDP)

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The Intensive Diversion Program (IDP) is a cross agency diversion program established to significantly reduce recidivist crime committed by young people within the ACT. The IDP is a pilot program funded by ACT Policing.

The target group for the IDP is young people who are at high risk of committing property crime and who are engaged with justice services. The IDP combines the following mix: full time (8.30 - 5pm) engagement based on a mix of skills-based recreational activities, educational programming and/or vocational pathways; intensive case coordination facilitated through weekly meetings between Canberra PCYC, ACT Policing, CYPS, and secondary partners as required; links into weekend activities such as team sports and interest groups.

Outcomes include:

  • Youth offending is reduced.
  • Young people are diverted from the formal youth justice system.
  • Young people are helped early and provided with supports and services they need.
  • Young people and their families receive every possible opportunity to get back on track.
  • Young people’s protective factors are increased and risk factors are decreased.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact our General Manager:

Stephen Imrie

P : (02) 6222 8100

E : referral (a) pcyc.net.au