Project Booyah

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Project Booyah is an established 20-week early-intervention program for disadvantaged young people developed by the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Built on an evidence-based framework, the program incorporates adventure based learning, social development, skills training, mentoring, case work, literacy/numeracy education and vocational qualifications.

Participants engage in attaining a Certificate Level II qualification at CIT, as well as trade skills that will assist them in their pathway to employment. Participants are also supported through the program by caseworkers, with a strong emphasis on addressing causal factors associated with participants’ disengagement and/or behavioural issues.

Participants attend a structured three-day outdoor educational camp focused on team-building and leadership exercises that is intended to enhance self-confidence and build knowledge sharing between peers.

An Australian Government initiative

Project Booyah is funded under a grant from the Australian Government.