Canberra PCYC is committed to effective complaints handling procedures that respond to the rights and expectations of members, service users, stakeholders and members of the public, in an efficient, consistent and fair manner. An effective complaints procedure provides Canberra PCYC with the opportunity to continuously review and improve its operations and services.

All volunteers, Canberra PCYC members, service users, stakeholders, other bodies to which Canberra PCYC is accountable and members of the public, have the right to complain.

A complaint can be verbal, or in writing, via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the Canberra PCYC website, in person, by mail, email or telephone. All employees will be instructed in how to receive and initiate a complaints procedure.

Complaints will be managed in a timely and fair manner, taking into consideration the nature, complexity and seriousness of the complaint. Canberra PCYC will consistently apply the principles of procedural fairness in handling complaints, by:

  • Ensuring that all parties to a complaint are informed of the procedure and what to expect, and are kept informed of the progress of the investigation/resolution of the complaint;
  • Ensuring that the complaints handling procedure is transparent, fair, without bias and that all relevant submissions and evidence is considered;
  • Ensuring that complainants do not face retribution or disadvantage as a result of registering their complaint in good faith;
  • Providing all parties with the opportunity to participate in the process;
  • Treating all parties to a complaint with respect; and
  • Providing reasons for a decision.

To access our Complaints Policy in full, please follow this link: 2016 Complaints Handling & Management Policy

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